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Welcome to Strike First News.  Our company is an alternative news streaming service.  We believe God inspires our researchers and points us to current news and articles that need to be shared with our audience and to deliver the truth about them.  Our news spans the world and how it affects our daily lives.  Our current streams run 2 and1/2 hours and we bring you as many as 80 topics during that time.  Our anchor news caster Mike, streams Monday - Thursday 9PM to 11:30PM Eastern Standard Time.  Sometimes we do bonus streams on Saturdays starting at 9PM.  In the future we will feature other news from affiliates all over the world sharing what is really happening in their areas.  While our shows are inspired from God they are told in the news caster's own way and sometimes emotionally emphasized. Our goal is to keep you informed of what is really happening behind the main news propaganda. Many times we bring you news before it happens.

All of our news streams across the many platforms we stream on, listed below are funded through donations.  Without your help, our research would be very limited and we could not afford to properly run our services.  If you enjoy our content or if the Lord moves your heart to donate, well then buy us a coffee Buy Me A Coffee ! and or subscribe.  We appreciate each and everyone of our viewers.

Thank You.
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